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Moscow overview

Is a “Must See” City once in your lifetime! While not a pretty city like St.Petersburg it does have a host of architectural splendours that you must visit. Of course Red Square and The Kremlin should be at the top of your list, and the armoury of the Kremlin houses the Faberge collection. Also you should consider the Tretyakov Gallery, packed full of Russian art the equal of anything you will see in the West.
The Metro should also be visited for it is unique in the world. If you take the trouble o learn something of the Cyrillic alphabet you can have a go at deciphering the station names. The metro is clean, cheap and efficient. While in Moscow you must try some of the local food such as Cabbage soup (Shchi) with a dollop of sour cream, Pancakes (Bliny) both savoury and sweet, Herring, Savoury Pies (Pirozhki) stuffed with cabbage or rice, all with a small shot of Vodka!

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